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From innovative ABM campaigns and thought-leading technology blogs to award-winning website copy and long-form whitepapers, I've helped some of the world’s largest companies achieve their goals. 

ABM Campaigns

Publisher: Adobe and Microsoft

Title: Top 5 ways to retain banking customers


About: This vertical-specific ABM campaign was designed to engage and inform senior stakeholders within the banking and capital markets sector. Leveraging the creative flair and brand of Adobe with the reputation and proven performance of Microsoft, this proposition was not only creatively-driven but also backed with swathes of informative and statistically-driven content. 

Publisher: HPE Aruba

Title: Building tomorrow's experiences


About: This 1:many ABM campaign was formed to deepen the market presence of HPE Aruba within the digital technology market. Focused predominantly around the notion of improved customer experience, a core driver in the boardroom, this hero asset needed to demonstrate the ability of Aruba at enhancing CX through technology. 

Publisher: Worldpay

Title: Making travel simple, together 


About: This 1:1 ABM campaign was created to strengthen existing ties between Worldpay and its target account Airbnb. Utilising Airbnb's messaging around making travel simple and demonstrating the ability of Worldpay to align to this mission, this C-suite-targeted hero asset provided a means to deepen the ties between the two companies and, ultimately, hit the campaign KPIs of renewed business. 

Marketing Blogs

Publisher: Blendb2b

Title: 7 ways to build customer trust through content


About: Contribution to the Blend B2B inbound marketing blog is a core responsibility. This post revolves around the topic of trust; why it is important for business, and how you can build it using content. 

Publisher: Blendb2b

Title: B2B brand marketing: why it's time to rethink your approach


About: This post is an example of top-of-funnel (ToFu) content which focuses on the concept and impact of "brand" within the marketing sphere. As an informative post, its role is to begin and progress the customer journey down the funnel, While conversions for this type of content aren't expected to be too high, this post has attracted and directed a significant percentage of traffic to the main site, leading to several conversations with new clients. 

Freelance Campaigns

Publisher: Custard

Title: Top Online Security Trends for SMEs/Mid-Sized Businesses/Enterprise Organisations in 2019


About: Custard is a technical services company providing a number of online security solutions for businesses ranging from SME all the way up to the global enterprise. They wanted a campaign strategy comprised of three posts, targeting specific audiences in their client base, and delivering detailed information regarding modern day challenges in the online security arena. I pitched the ideas of breaking potential buyers into personas and using a trends style format to present hurdles they may encounter in the forthcoming year, supported by reputable sources and studies. As of February 2019, the campaign has garnered the highest number of leads from any content strategy undertaken and delivered two new customers. 

Web Projects

Publisher: BankBI

Title: Website


About: BankBI is automated financial reporting and analytics software for banks, credit unions, and microfinance organisations. The company wanted to establish themselves as the premier provider of cloud-based banking business intelligence software and needed a website that could engage new prospects and demonstrate its capability. After a thorough conversation with the BankBI team about what was required of the site, I was able to deliver content for the homepage, product pages, and why BankBI page for a quick turnaround. The result was a 400% increase in website traffic in 6 months and an average conversion rate of 26%. 

Publisher: DediServe

Title: Website


About: DediServe is a cloud hosting specialist and the world's largest provider of OnApp: a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. The company required a complete overhaul of its existing website after it had become outdated and no longer reflected the growing size of the company. Rather than simply design something new, I, alongside fellow members of the Blend team, chose to pitch a website that would evolve as part of a wider marketing strategy to generate good quality leads and opportunities. After writing and delivering all phase one pages, comprised of the homepage, six individual product pages, and the blog, the results spoke for themselves - a 200% increase in traffic over a 6-month period and an increased conversion rate of 150%.  


Publisher: Happi

Title: The Executive Guide to Digital Transformation and Change Management


About: Happi is a network infrastructure design software and marketplace for finding and deploying an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting environment. This e-book was written to discuss the processes required to execute a change management programme with specific reference to system architecture and cloud hosting. This guide remains the best performing and most downloaded piece of content for the company, amassing several thousand views and a conversion rate of 26%. 

Publisher: Cass Telecom

Title: Implementing SD-WAN: The Complete Guide to Enterprise SD-WAN Deployment


About: Cass Information Systems is a multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded, US-based company that leads the way in providing freight & parcel, utility, and waste expense management. After producing a 6-part blog series on the topic of SD-WAN, I pitched the idea of an e-book that would collate this information in one place, engaging prospects on a technical level and demonstrating thought-leadership to its target market. The resulting e-book is gated and converts at 38%, adding high quality leads to Cass' growing list of engaged contacts. All accompanying assets including landing page, thank you page, and promotional and follow-up emails were also produced by myself or under my supervision. 

Case Studies

Publisher: One Voice

Title: Resilience and Emergencies Team Implements CIM to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Incident Response Time  


About: One Voice is an award-winning incident and crisis management response software. This case study was conducted for West Sussex County Council Resilience and Emergencies Team (WSCC-RET) who implemented proprietary incident and crisis management software, CIM, to consolidate critical emergency data into one cloud-based system. In the creation of the case study, I conducted research, interviewed participants, and wrote in-line with company guidelines, producing a high-level document that converts highly. 

Tech Blogs

Publisher: Loop54

Title: 5 Challenges Facing Heads of E-commerce in 2018


About: Loop54 is a market-leading site-search software provider that works exclusively with e-commerce businesses. This post is an example of middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) persona-specific content that highlights a number of challenges they may face in 2018. Supported by statistics and studies from reputable sources, this content's role was to situate Loop54 as a thought leader in its space and encourage the customer to download additional content. Currently situated as the third-highest performing piece of content on the site, attracting hundreds of visits every month, it has become a valued addition to the site with plans to replicate in 2019.

Publisher: Cass Telecom

Title: 5 True Business Benefits of SD-WAN


About: Cass Information Systems is a multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded, US-based company that leads the way in providing telecom & cloud, freight, utility, and waste management services. This post was written as part of a 6-part series for its telecom expense management subsidiary to inform the readership about the benefits of SD-WAN for enterprise organisations. I pitched the topic to the client after analysing the market trends and then proceeded to write all 6 parts. The SD-WAN series has been Cass's most successful campaign in terms of traffic, leads, and conversion rate and continues to perform to this day. 

Publisher: One Voice

Title: 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Contingency and Crisis Management Plan 


About: One Voice is an award-winning incident and crisis management response software. This post was written to address the common problem of contingency plans being immediately forgotten after completion, never to be updated in-line with changing requirements. As the first piece of content written after the contract was signed, the accuracy of the post was paramount, as was the consistency of language in comparison to previous posts. This piece exceeded all client expectations in terms of performance and language and contributed to an additional retainer being added for content. 


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Publication: Loud Issue #10

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