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Writing has always been a passion of mine, from creating short stories about dragons as a child, to reporting on the harsh reality that they exist as a political journalist.


I started the persuit of my writing dream as a journalism student at the University of Bedfordshire, after four years of academic study I graduated with a first-class BA accompanied by a distinction MA. During my time at university I became involved with the student publication LOUD where I made editor-in-chief, whilst also devoting my time to a project called Citiblog where upon myself and peers would source and develop news stories within the student community.


Today I write blogs, research and poetry whilst my previous editorial publications are available to view here. My skills extend further than copywriting and I am a competent editor and researcher with a in-depth of experience with social media and website design and publishing. If you would like to contact me about any writing opportunities then please don't hesitate to contact me.







  • Content writing
  • Editing
  • Social Media
  • Research
  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Public Speaking
  • Media Relations
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